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The Religious Community:


The majority of the early Washington County settlers were German-speaking; therefore Hagerstown's religious heritage is predominately German Reformed, Lutheran, and Mennonite. There is a sizeable Mennonite community presence still in the area. The last census indicated church preference: Methodist, Lutheran and Roman Catholic were the most frequently mentioned (although none dominated) with 1% Presbyterian. The HARC (Hagerstown Area Religious Community) sponsors ecumenical events.


The 2006 telephone yellow pages list several congregations in Washington County (approximately 1/2 are in Hagerstown). The most numerous are:  Brethren, Lutheran, Methodist, Church of God, Assemblies of God, Baptist, and United Church: of Christ. There are five Presbyterian (USA) Churches in the county, 3 of which are in the greater Hagerstown area. The remaining are a mix of non-mainline, Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Jewish, Orthodox, and Mennonite congregations.




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