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The Building:

The home for this 175-year-old congregation is a structure built in 1873 with a distinctive profile. The current facility, an historic landmark-located on an historic street, has served this congregation for more than a century. Its downtown location, lack of steeple, stone exterior and several Tiffany stained-glass windows provide unique qualities that make members proud. This home has served many generations.

 Our Church underwent major renovation projects in the 1980s and 1990s. Accomplishments over the past decades include "Operation Update" and "Operation Above and Beyond." "Operation Update" raised approximately $150,000 to renovate the first floor of the parish wing creating a well-used assembly room with accompanying kitchen, library, church office, and pastor's study. At the same time, two new furnaces were installed to heat the sanctuary and parish wing. The building was made energy efficient by installing new windows on the second floor and insulating the ceiling.

Soon after, "Operation Above and Beyond" raised an additional $135,000 to replace the slate roof on the north side of the main church building, relead and enclose the stained glass windows in the sanctuary and create a choir practice room from an old parlor. A federal government grant, secured because of the building's historic status, provided $355,000 of the total funds.  The replacement of slate roof on the south side of the main church building will begin shortly thanks to a grant from Historic Trust of the State of Maryland. 


This facility meets most needs of our Congregation for meeting, education, fellowship, and, activity space. We are fortunate to have a choir room, library, Boy Scout room, Christian Youth Discipleship (senior high group) room, gymnasium, chapel, Assembly Room and numerous classrooms. We are also fortunate to have additional office space which has been used as incubators for Turning Point, a support group for psychiatric patients returning to the community; Hot Line, a crisis intervention telephones service; Hospice, a grief support group for the terminally ill and their families; and, now, Habitat for Humanity, a mission project helping to provide shelter for those in need.



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